Our Topics

Since 2017, it has been Policyinstitute.net’s mission to deliver meaningful articles and analyses, official documents, audio, and video pieces, on a daily basis, regarding matters of principle with the main focus on civic, non-kinetic counter-terrorism. The said, open content consists of current affairs texts, theory and, not the least, actionable recommendations in soft counter-extremism and other related fields – such as countering hate, dis-/misinformation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As far as the subjects of the material are concerned, the think tank’s projects – as showcased on five websites – mostly touch upon digital communication, religious questions, societal issues, the technical sector, but also on capacity building in the Sahel region. Quite importantly, Policyinstitute.net’s contributions are solutions-oriented.

The Network

Our founder, Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, supervises volunteers who contribute third-party analyses on the previously mentioned topics and on capacity building in the Sahara-Sahel region. Thus far, Koch has distributed more than 40k posts on LinkedIn, and has been filing a bi-weekly digest under the umbrella of Policyinstitute.net. On a good working day, his posts reach 3k LinkedIn views. Visits to the five Policyinstitute.net websites exceed the mark of 800k.

Journalism At Its Best

The content distributed by Policyinstitute.net thus requires monitoring and researching reliable sources, i.e. gatekeeping, as well as editing and writing-up. Due to the fact that these endeavors are all about objectivity, our work does not constitute Public Relations (PR). We do not work for any client, nor do we sell. Rather, what Policyinstitute.net is all about is full-fledged journalism in the near – and in the best – sense.